Hearing Loss Claims

 Reasons For Filing A Hearing Loss Claim

It can take many years after leaving work when a person may suffer from hearing loss associated with his former job. This is so because the loss occurs very slowly over a number of years when one is continuously exposed to noise pollution and little or no ear protection is provided. For these types of cases time runs from the date you knew for sure that your hearing loss was due to your employment and this is often when the medical doctor makes the diagnosis of noise induced hearing loss. In such a scenario, employees have the right to file their hearing loss claims.

Misconceptions About Hearing Impairment Issues

A lot of people wrongly assume that their impairment is due to old age alone and that is why they don’t file a case. Furthermore, factories can often close down after employees retire and it might be wrongly assumed that there is no one left to file a case against.

Requirements For Filing A Claim

In order to file your case, just send us some basic details regarding your case so that our lawyer can provide you with details regarding the strength of your claim. If your case is strong enough, our lawyer will pursue it on a 'no win, no fee' basis.

Free Legal Help For Hearing Loss Claims

Our claims lawyers will have you medically examined to ascertain noise induced hearing loss and also identify the insurance company that insured the factory, in case it no longer exists. Our claims lawyer will act for you on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis and give you complete peace of mind. Hence, you will not incur any charges for filing a claim and will be provided with free legal help from specialist lawyers, who have extensive experience in handling Hearing Loss Claims. For legal consultation contact us at: 0800 955 7898 (Toll Free).