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PPI Claims

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is insurance sold with credit-related products such as credit cards, insurances, personal loans unsecured and secured loans or other finance agreements in order to protect payments made by the borrower if these payments were not made for any reason. Please note: The deadline for PPI claims was 29 August 2019, but this does not apply to FSCS If the firm you are making a claim against failed after the 1st of January 2010, you could claim compensation if you have a PPI policy and the information given by them was misleading in anyway. PPI claims can be made online and all you would need is just a few information such as agreement reference numbers and the provider of the credit agreement.

There has never been a better time to make PPI claims as the banks have set aside billions of pounds to compensate millions of people who were Mis-Sold PPI. If you have taken out a personal loan or a credit card then the chances are that you might have signed up for Payment Protection Insurance as well.

You Might Be Eligible For Thousands of Pounds in Payment Protection Insurance Compensation

Over the past few decades, banks have been recklessly selling PPI to many people. This includes many individuals who were not even eligible for Payment Protection Insurance. Due to this criminal negligence, banks are having to pay out billions of pounds each year to people who were Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance. If you are a victim of Mis-Sold PPI, then you might be eligible for thousands of pounds in PPI Claims compensation.

Can You Claim Payment Protection Insurance?

For more details regarding, contact our expert panel of lawyers for a free consultation for advice and legal help.

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Our panel of claims lawyers will undertake all the paper trail and gather all the financial information to both establish PPI-Mis selling and then calculate the amount that you might be eligible for. All you have to do is to send us your complete contact form and our claims lawyers will begin making the necessary enquiries.

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