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Non-standard SIPP/Investment pensions are self-invested personal pensions provided by SIPP pension providers who no longer permit non-standard investments

Back in 2017, The FCA, (Financial Conduct Authority) asked SIPP pension providers about the high-risk investments they all currently hold. The FCA wanted to take action on this market as there were a high number of complaints from this sector according to statical data from the Financial Ombudsman. A Non-standard SIPP/Investment asset are those which cannot be valued correctly and can be immediately realised within 30days

SIPP Pension Claims - Non standard SIPP/Investment Criteria

Defined Benefit Pension Transfer (DB/Final salary transfer) Criteria

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It has never been so easy to get a SIPP Pension claim started. You can file a claim for thousands in compensation. SIPP pension providers such as The Lifetime SIPP Company Ltd (Lifetime) was placed into administration and liquidated on 02 April 2019.

The Lifetime Sipp pension

The Lifetime Sipp company was a large organisation has mostly dealt with SIPP pensions to millions of people. In March 2018, they fell into administration and are not currently trading. Pension provider, The Lifetime Sipp set aside over £50 million to settle and SIPP pension claims. Don't miss out, claim today!

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